Responsive Program Residencies

Meryl Tankard

Responsive Residency

13–19 May, 9–20 Dec

This research is a reinvestigation of Meryl’s The Oracle through technology and builds on the questions raised in the original choreography: to explore those most human of conditions – the conflicting forces of nature and man, masculinity and femininity, violence and nurturing, order and chaos, strength and vulnerability.

Collaborating with Regis Lansac, Anton Lock, Narelle Benjamin and digital artists at University of Technology Sydney, Meryl will use film and photographic sequences of the notational movements captured in a motion-capture studio, to examine the notations and the ‘space inbetween’ – those subtle movements that can only be seen by motion capture film techniques. Using video editing technologies, digital printing and projections, Meryl aims to deconstruct the linear renderings of the notations so as to shift the perspective on the choreography and immerse herself in the image fragments to see what kind of response this may create for her.

Meryl Tankard and Regis Lansac have been collaborating together since 1984, creating works involving a strong photographic and video content.

Pictured: Anton Lock. Photo: Regis Lansac

Date & Location

Monday 13 May 2013 - Friday 20 December 2013

The Drill Hall