Responsive Program Residencies

Anya McKee

Research Room

Anya will be researching the impact of office lifestyle on the body. The same body once predominately used to hunt, gather and mate. She will specifically investigate the impact on the bodies of women in the office. We have often seen images of primal man in the office, many from advertising (i.e. beer commercials), movies, the internet meme of ape-man-computer-operator evolution. The woman’s body in relation to the office is complex and ripe for investigation, a tapestry of politics, economy, equality, sex, age and maternity. As part of her research Anya will survey and interview male and female office workers around Sydney (North East South & West).

Anya McKee is a Sydney based dancer and dance maker who explores the world through movement. A WAAPA BA Arts (Dance) Honours graduate (2011), Anya has worked as a dancer with Kate Champion’s Force Majeure, Sam Chester, Dean Walsh, Kohzensha Butoh Company Artistic Director Yukio Waguri and on residency with Sue Healy and Lisa Griffiths. She is a founding member of Sydney’s Dance Makers Collective and has had her work shown at Dance Massive ‘Open Studios’ Riverside and multiple international film festivals.

Anya McKee. Photo: Gavin Clarke

Date & Location

Wednesday 1 April 2015 - Thursday 30 April 2015

Research Room