Research Program

Brianna Kell

Space Residency

Brianna is fascinated in the idea of time as a construct – time itself a place permeable by interaction with sound, architecture and live action. She proposes to challenge her choreographic practice by utilising and interacting with new structures and technologies like film and projection. Shifting a linear direction and making fragments negotiate a timeline. To capture through film and photography intimate macro moments in the studio and then choreograph danced relationships to these captured themes.

Brianna Kell is an independent dance artist based in Sydney. Most recently Brianna worked with The Farm touring Frank Enstein in collaboration with Co3 Australia. In 2017 she was a recipient of a research lab at Critical Path exploring Feminist Ideology, this research continued with a granted TRIP residency at Tasdance. Brianna has toured nationally with Tasdance 2011-2015. Brianna engages with movement as a practice to be shared and cultivated through collaboration. She had choreographed ‘Observation’ for DirtyFeet, ‘Flow’ for InMotion Festival and ‘Heaven Metal’ for the Sydney Fringe Festival.

In partnership with the University of Sydney.
Image by Adelina Larson.

Date & Location

Monday 19 March 2018 - Monday 2 April 2018

Rex Cramphorn Studio & The Drill Hall