Development Program

Dinis Machado

Call Out: Choreographer

BARCO DANCE COLLECTION is a research project that artist Dinis Machado runs parallel to his activity as a choreographer to map and investigate the practices of different choreographers’ works.

Dinis is looking for a choreographer to make a short dance (10 to 15 min) over a two-week process that he himself will perform. The provocation for the choreographer is to think that the space where this dance happens is not the room where it takes place but within the body itself.

The selected choreographer will work for 10 to 11 days in the Drill Hall. They will receive a fee of $2400.

BARCO is attentive to the development of a dance practice where dance artists with different bodies and cultural backgrounds collaborate for a more plural understanding and practice of what dance can be.

Dinis would particularly welcome applications from female choreographers and encourage those who have created some works but have not yet established long-term conditions for the development of their work to apply.

To apply, please send us a biography no longer than 1000 words and a maximum of three work samples (as links) in order of relevance:

Applications are due on Thur 4 May | 5 pm

Enquiries: email or call 02 9362 4023

With an education in Dance and Visual Arts, Dinis Machado’s work usually develops from the crossing point of two areas: where the concrete gesture of plastic construction is reclaimed and worked as choreographic material. He has been making his own work since 2007. Born in Portugal in 1987, Dinis has been based in Stockholm since 2012.

Image 1 by Elisabete Finger



Date & Location

Thursday 4 May 2017

The Drill Hall