Development Program

Lucy Guerin


Inside and Outside:
Workshop with Lucy Guerin

‘Contemporary performance has become increasingly about context and framing and I find this important and intriguing. But I am still fascinated by the imaginative, unfamiliar and random elements that surface during time spent in the studio in the making process. Sometimes these can completely take over my initial concept. The content is invariably produced and changed by the doing of it. So how do we understand and frame these renegade discoveries?’

Based on discussions, tasks, improvised scores and choreographed movement we will examine how initial conceived ideas can spark unfamiliar and exciting tangents in the studio. When and how should these be shaped and framed for an audience? Personal, idiosyncratic discoveries can reveal something that we don’t immediately understand about our work. Should they be discarded as distracting from the central idea? Or are they the real work that we do.

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Date & Location

Wednesday 14 March 2018

Drill Hall, Rushcutters Bay