Responsive Program Residencies

Fiona Malone

Responsive Residency: New Knew Now

Fiona Malone will undertake a residency to explore her `new’ body through the experience of what her younger body `knew’ to uncover what type of performer she is `now’. Over the past few years Fiona has been observing her body and voice changing, along with her artistic views, interests and knowledge. She is keen now in her maturing body and mind to explore what the bringing together of her artistic experiences, artistic interests, old and new, could produce. “I somehow feel `now new’. With a lot of artistic history! What type of performer/creator am I now?”

Fiona Malone is recognised both as a dancer and choreographer with Nominations and Awards by The Australian Dance Awards, and Innovations In Arts Awards. Fiona worked internationally as a dancer with choreographers including The Australian Dance Theatre’s Garry Stewart, Charleroi Danses, Frederic Flammand, CH-Tanztheatre, and Meryl Tankard. She also teaches and works as a movement director for theatre.

Photo: Heidrun Löhr

Date & Location

Saturday 11 January 2014 - Wednesday 19 March 2014

The Drill Hall