Research Program

Dean Walsh, Eric Avery, Amrita Hepi


Dean Walsh
Developed a new work with 6 collaborators called “Soften The Fuck Up” (working title), exploring the global turmoil we find ourselves in, economically, (in)humanely and environmentally. Also developed a new full-length solo “Remote Control”, looking at severe domestic violence and homophobic violence in a domestic and social context. 

Eric Avery
Researched movement body levels in relation to musical pitch. Composition harmony and textures inspired movement structures relating body levels to the ground. Inspired further research to explore how he could dance with his violin whilst singing his composition.

Amrita Hepi
Redeveloped “this may not protect you” made for the Underbelly Arts Festival, researching how to make it more accessible to children. Also worked with a large set piece that aided further movement research for the choreography.

Date & Location

Monday 2 July 2018 - Saturday 7 July 2018

Drill Hall