Thursday 6 September

Posted by Critical Path

RAISING $19,000 FOR 2019

Critical Path’s annual program of funded research residencies responds to the urgent needs of independent artists working in choreographic practice.

Since the organisation started each year we have supported artists to take time for artistic research. New ideas, new collaborations. Explorations of what might be possible, Reflections on where they have come from and where they might go next.

We are fundraising $19,000 for this annual program. This will take our research fund from $31,000 up to our 2017 & 2018 level of $50,000.

Please make a donation today or sign up for a monthly contribution to take us through to the end of 2019.

Responsive Research residencies:
Branch Nebula, Dean Walsh, Elizabeth Cameron Dalman, Narelle Benjamin, Techa Noble, Victoria Hunt
Brooke Stamp, Elizabeth Lea, Emma Saunders, Raghav Handa, Rhiannon Newton
Adam Warburton, Amaara Raheem, Caroline Garcia, Kate Sherman and Ryuichi Fujimura, Kathryn Puie, Lizzie Thomson, Timothy Ohl
Ivey Wawn and Mark Mailler, Matthew Day, Nick Power, Nikki Heywood, Rhiannon Newton, Victoria Hunt

Artists are selected through a peer panel process.​
All donations of $2 and above are fully tax deductible.


Critical Path Inc Donations Account is endorsed as a deductible gift recipient under Subdivision 30-BA of the income Tax Assessment Act 1997.Critical Path’s ABN: 12 049 903261