Our Alumni

Responsive Research Program Resident 2006, 2010 and 2018

Alan Schacher is a Performance Artist, performance divisor and creator, based in The Blue Mountains, NSW. With backgrounds in both dance and visual arts he also directs, choreographs and designs.

His interdisciplinary practice is concerned with spatial experience and the meanings the body takes on in diverse situations and surroundings. He employs cultural landscapes, architectural space and diasporic references as significant motifs in his works, which range from large-scale ensemble performances, to duets and solo presences. His projects are created through skilled devising and improvisational processes and site-responsive, theatrical, installation, architectural and theoretical concerns and incorporate cultural and historical enquiry.

Alan is the Founder of Performance Ensembles, Gravity Feed (1992-2004) and Gravity Research Institute (2000-ongoing). He also works with WeiZen Ho on inter-cultural projects and on duets which examine cultural difference, misunderstandings, and ritualistic practices. His performances have taken him to France, Germany, China, Taiwan, India, Malaysia and Indonesia.

Photo Credits:
Melaka Festival, A Swarm of Ghosts, Melaka Arts and Performance Festival (2013)
Alex Wisser, Behemoth, Cementa Contemporary Arts Festival (2015)
Heidrun Lohr, ShoesandSpices, Speak Local for Interchange Festival (2016)

Unappeased Research Document by Alan Schacher and WeiZen Ho
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