Our Alumni

Responsive Research Program Resident 2012 and 2014

Alejandro Rolandi is a Sydney based performance artist, originally from Buenos Aires, Argentina. He works as dance and physical theatre instructor, choreographer and designer for many well-known Australian companies. Some of them include Legs on the Wall, Sydney Dance Company (PPY), NIDA, Opera Australia and Stalker Theatre.

Alejandro has over 20 years of Contact Improvisation practice and teaches nationally and internationally since 2002.

He is also an independent director who creates his own works through his physical theatre company Strings Attached. Alejandro has toured nationally and internationally through Asia, Europe and South America.



Early in 2016 Alejandro undertook a choreographic research through a residency awarded by Strut Dance (WA) where he collaborated with co-choreographers Anya McKee and Lee-Anne Litton on developing their Aerial Dance technique  and choreographic skills.

He continued with his interdisciplinary explorations through his teaching and also designing a physical theatre/aerial dance set for a new collaboration with Korean aerialists and BBoys lead by David Clarkson from Stalker theatre, among other projects.


Photo Credits

  1. Photographer: Kimberley Brewster. With Lee-Anne Litton
  2. Anya McKee and Lee-Anne Litton during Strut’s SEED residency 2016
  3. Photographer: Richard Freeman at Sydney Dance Company PPY