Our Alumni

Responsive Research Program Resident 2010

Alexandra Harrison’s current choreographic practice involves:A (first) book of dance called Run Like a Planet

A 4 year-old boy who loves slapstick, his coral pink tutu and rescuing

10 minutes of skipping twice a week (bring back the body/keep the chronology)

A newly acquired indoor trampoline that is bouncier than it looks

Occasional lurches into the Melbourne night to see dance

Mentoring (?) the occasional wise young soul

Wednesday coffee and chat with sculptor Neil Taylor

Contributions to Jo Pollitt and Lilly Blue’s BIG Kids magazine

A bit of teaching here and there

A bit of choreographing when folks need it

Peaceful blanket dances (thanks to Ros Crisp)

Birth attendant work

Psoas release work, matching, and other fabulous embodiment practices that I have only recently discovered

Running a b&b for artists visiting Melbourne

and the occasional trip to Berlin with Lizzie Thomson

Photo Credits:
Paul Dunn and Alexandra Harrison