Our Alumni

Responsive Research Program Resident 2017

Amaara Raheem is a Sri Lankan born Australian dance artist. In November 2017 Amaara will be presenting a new work in collaboration with curator Camila Marambio called, ‘Meth(odological) Lab’ as part of the survey exhibition of the Swedish duo Goldin+Senneby titled “The Standard Length of a Miracle (the bootleg version)”. The ‘Meth Lab’ is part homeopathic experiment, part occupation of space in order to hypothesise and develop a formula (and a scent) for making TIME. In 2018 Amaara will return to work with Xavier Le Roy in Essen, performing Temporary Title, 2015 for the third time: Carriageworks, Sydney (2015), Centre Pompidou, Paris (2016), Tanzplatfform, Essen (2018). In 2015 Amaara undertook a travelling artist’s residency ‘Twenty-three Days at Sea’ curated by Access Gallery sailing from Vancouver to Shanghai aboard a cargo ship. Most recently Amaara was invited to be ‘in-residence’ at Dancehouse (Melbourne) in 2018 and during this year she proposes to create a ‘syllabus’ for the Lecture-Performance which includes workshops and a curated program of events. Since her Critical Path residency, she has been working with ideas on how our hands operate in the world, “its meadows of holding, of shaping” (Hirschfield).

Amaara shares writing about her processes

Hand Movie, 2017