Our Alumni

Don Asker

Responsive Research Residency 2008 and 2012

Don Asker studied science before focusing on dancing, dance making and forms of creative exploration. Don sustains an improvising practice with interests in memory, perception, metaphors and myths shaping human experience, and relationships with places and country. He is based at Kiah in the Towamba River valley of south coastal New South Wales.  Recent collaborations reflect ethical considerations in relationship to the ecology of our planet, Latitudinal conversations with Helen Herbertson (the Drill 2012) and presented in the Journal of Artistic Research. His work as a performer/collaborator includes At Least for a While, videography by Daniel Crook and direction by Natalie Cursio, was presented at Carriageworks as part of 24 Frames a Second (2015), and collaboration with Jane Mortiss in her work, Divergence (2016).

Don is a senior honorary fellow at the University of Melbourne, supervising PHD and Masters candidates.

Recent writing includes The Art of Awareness to be published in 2017.

Photo Credits: Jane Mortiss

Latitudinal Conversations