Our Alumni

Ghenoa Gela

Responsive Program Resident 2013

Ghenoa is a proud Torres Strait Islander woman from Rockhampton, in the north of Australia, and a graduate from NAISDA, the national Indigenous dance school. She performs across such diverse fields as contemporary dance, dance theatre, traditional dance, hip hop, theatre for young people and circus—working on projects for both television and the stage. She has performed nationally and internationally with Circus Oz, Shaun Parker Company, My Darling Patricia and Vicki van Hout, and is an artist-in-residence with Carriageworks. She is also a regular and well-known presenter on Deadly Vibe Australia’s Move it Mob Style, an Indigenous hip hop dance program for kids airing on Australia’s national public broadcaster the ABC. Most recently Ghenoa won the 2016 Keir Choreographic Awards Critics Choice and Public Choice.

Ghenoa also does extensive work facilitating dance workshops for young people in urban, regional and remote communities with programs such as ARMTour, Young, Black and Deadly and Vibe Alive, to name just a few. She has recently begun developing her own work, inspired by her family’s stories and Torres Strait Islander culture. Her first choreographic work, Winds of Woerr, premiered at the Melbourne Next Wave Festival in 2014 and tells of the creation of the Torres Straight Islands through the Straight’s four winds— Kuki, Sager, Naigai and Ziai—which mark the passage of time and the coming and going of the seasons.

‘I’m dedicated to telling my family’s stories in a creative space that opens up dialogue about Torres Strait Islander culture, what dance and theatre is and who its audience can be.’