Our Alumni

Kathryn Puie

Responsive Research Program Resident 2017

Kathryn Puie works as a dedicated professional physical performer, teacher and choreographer in dance and physical theatre. Puie has performed nationally and internationally with companies, Friches Theatre Urbain (Paris), Stalker Theatre Company, Branch Nebula, Strings Attached, Spare Parts Puppet Theatre, Legs on the Wall, Opera Australia and De’Quincey Co.
Puie studied a BA (Dance) at The West Australian Academy of Performing Arts, Perth and has an extensive performance history in various styles of movement, stilt acrobatics, aerials and puppetry.

Kathryn has recently been engaged as movement tutor at NIDA and worked as resident choreographer at Legs on The Wall (LOTW) for the creation of dance and aerial production, ‘Puncture’ which premiered at the 2015 Sydney Festival.

Puie has been an independent freelance performer for over a decade, performing and making her own work in Perth and Sydney. Kathryn continues to dedicate her time and curiosities to the poetics of physical performance as a means and way of making sense and experiencing life.

Video from her residency with Lux Eterna.