Our Alumni

Responsive Research Program Resident 2014

Lisa Maris McDonell is a dance artist with a multi-faceted practice which includes choreography, performance, education, therapeutic dance and flamenco. A graduate of WAAPA, Lisa has created numerous works for herself and others which have been performed throughout Australia and also in Ireland. Recent works include Home Truths, which was presented at the Illawarra Performing Arts Centre with the assistance of Merrigong Theatre, and Five Kinds of Paradise which was presented as part of the Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre’s 2016 performance program.

2016 saw Lisa get off to an early start with the development and presentation of Five Kinds of Paradise at Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre in January. Lisa is currently in the early stages of engaging in research for a new work which looks at the effects of the constant barrage of negative media on our bodies.
Photo Credits:
1. Rhiannon Davies in Five Kinds of Paradise. Photo by Simone Coleman

2. Vicki Van Hout in Home Truths. Photo by Simone Coleman
3. Lisa Maris McDonell at Critical Path during her residency entitled The small, the minute, the miniscule. Photo by Simone Coleman