Our Alumni

Responsive Program Resident 2014

Rob is the Youth Company Director of fLiNG Physical Theatre, a regional youth dance company located in Bega, Australia. Since graduating from the Victorian College of the Arts in 2006, he has worked as a performer with companies such as Legs on the Wall and many independent artists including, most recently, Jess Devereux, Rebecca Jensen and Melissa Jones. He also has a background as a design assistant in theatre, film and TV, and has created set installations for choreographers Fiona Bryant and Jo Lloyd. Rob has an ongoing collaboration with Holly Durant as HORO!, creating works that integrate dance and design.

Audience experience is a through line to Rob’s work. He uses design elements to shape the performance space, often putting the audience and dancers in a shared space. Inviting the audience to experience the work from different angles, he experiments with gaze and interrupted flows of movement to move the audience beyond a passive role and explore different modes of watching. At fLiNG, Rob has the opportunity to further develop work for an ensemble and invest in sustained teaching for the company, who range in ages from 14 to 20. In working with young people, Rob notes that it is their intelligence, motivation and supportive encouragement of each other that makes exciting things happen.

‘My investment is in people—I want the dancers to look like people, and I want to craft a kind of looking between the dancers and the audience in which they are equally responsible for that moment. When someone looks directly at you it puts you in a relationship with one another.’


Wombat Radio Podcast with Rob.