Interchange Festival Friday 10 Nov

Bookings for catering are over. Tickets available at door. $10 donations. Drinks will be available.


Who stood where we’re standing now? What stories have been told and songs sung on the earth beneath our feet?
We live and we dance on lands and waters nurtured by cultures thousands of years old. Across the year, across the weekend, and especially on this night we situate ourselves here on Gadigal land and acknowledge what it means to be on Country.

5pm -6:30pm | Festival starts
come and celebrate the opening of our Intercultural Festival.
Drinks & nibbles available

6:30-7pm | Welcome to Country

7 – 9:30pm | Evening Program
Join us for the launch of the Interchange Festival with warm hospitality and an exciting evening of artistic exchanges, co-curated with Thomas E.S. Kelly and Victoria Hunt.  The curatorial focus evokes open-hearted explorations into what we ourselves are acknowledging, when we “acknowledge country”. The evening will expand across conversations, debates, songs, performances, installation and video works.

Artists come together for a discourse between today and yesterday, a physical and conversational interplay that invites insight into how collective ceremony making shapes us.

VICTORIA HUNT invites I Moving Lab to share their activation practices, and to explore the territory between performance and ceremonial space as an invitation to ancestral essence. As an international, indigenous, intercultural and interdisciplinary global arts collective, the task is always rooted in where we stand, where we are and how we respond to histories (and futures), seen and unseen, spoken and unspoken.

Taree Sansbury is a proud Kaurna, Narungga and Ngarrindjeri woman from South Australia. Her movement is informed from a conversation that already in exists with in the earth. The energy and power from each word moving into the body resulting in movement phrases abstracted from verbal exchanges of the past. Step move, step move, step move. What does it mean to take a step; as we step through the space, we connect to the conversations below our feet; stories waiting to be heard?

Seini Taumoepeau is from an Oceanic Indigenous Sovereign nation of Chiefly status & was born in Australia (Eora kuntri specifically). Seini aka SistaNative has been crafting Oral methodologies and processes for two decades. Her most recent manifestation, Seini’s Oceanic Compass, is a design tool for Shamanic navigational principals of manifesting tatatau designs for bodily balance. Seini will share her Oral philosophy, strategies and approaches which are centred solely on Indigenous survival.

Thomas E.S. Kelly hosts a space for conversation; cuppa tea conversation. Or what you are drinking or not drinking. 20 minute blitz conversations. The opportunity to discuss something quickly with the rules that what ever is said is meant to be said, whoever is there is meant to be there, whatever happens is meant to happen.

Michael Schiavello was born in Italy in 1967 and currently lives and works in Australia. In his practice as a visual artist he has concerned himself with negotiating belonging as a non-indigenous migrant in a country where indigenous people were never party to any treaty for the occupation of their country by colonisers. Michael presents three video and installation works across the evening, Compatative Shield Study, Little Aussie Playmates and his “subvertisment” video work, This Kind of Country.

| (Jack Gray, Bianca Hyslop,
Dåkot-ta Alcantara-Camacho)
As an international, indigenous, intercultural and interdisciplinary global arts collective, the task is always rooted in where we stand, where we are and how we respond to histories (and futures), seen and unseen, spoken and unspoken. Whakapapa calls upon the land and our lineages, passed down and disrupted, emergent and provocative. As we arrive in Gadigal lands, we bring an array of offerings, the body, the breath, someone’s name on our lips, the soft curls of ocean and memories of sunsets against ancient rocks. We urge the potential to connect and traverse, navigate and negotiate, inhale and surrender to the wana, the evocation of shared understandings and a thickness felt in the space between. Our presence brings forth imprints of places we have been in ceremony, under the plains and thunderclouds, in high rise metropolis monstrosity and places inside that take us to thresholds where time is still and the voices come clearer.

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