Interchange Festival Sunday 12 Nov

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Where does it start and where does it end? Do we need to have moving bodies in order to make dance? If dance is an embodied practice what are the edges, the conception, the decomposition of the body, of dance? Should we think of ourselves as singular bodies, as body corporate or as part of our environment?

9:30-11am | Mornings are Difficult – Breakfast Conversations
Where is the body in interdisciplinary work?
With consideration of ‘the start and end of the body’, together we will question and scrutinise assumptions and ideas pertaining to our experiences and observations of interdisciplinary experimentation in arts practices and research. Is ‘the body’ even a useful term for us to be thinking with? When things get too difficult, we’ll take a few minutes out, to get physical with some easy-to-follow jazz dancing.
Facilitator | Lizzie Thomson
Participants | Erin Brannigan, Brian Fuata and Justine Shih Pearson
(breakfast session only)


Forum | Bodies and Spaces
What kinds of relationships do artists have with scapes? How do different environments, spaces and architectures – impress upon an artist’s creative work? What does an artist need from a space? How does an artist impact the spaces they inhabit at different points of the choreographic process?
Facilitator | Sam Spurr
Participants Branch Nebula and Rochelle Haley


Workshop | Sarah Houbolt Verbal Limbs: Describing Your Dance
Sarah Houbolt takes the philosophy from the non-sighted cultural community – her community – and plays with this knowledge base to practically explore how we create, teach and present when eyes are not relevant and words and feeling sets the parameters.


I-Chin Lin with Lisa McDonell
Philippe Blanchard with Adelina Larsson

I-Chin in conversation with Lisa who are both embarking on a two week parallel residency at Mirramu. Lisa will talk to I-Chin about her practice in a first step of a longer engagement.

Their stories, my body (a research on ownership): Philippe in conversation with Adelina around his choreographic research into the body – the body might be a start but is perhaps never the end. Philippe is working on the provocation which offers the individual participants/performers to work for the community of bodies.


Workshop Matt Shilcock Osteogenuine – Alchemia Exteriores
We will be exploring our body’s relationship to space, time and environment using alchemic symbology and sacred geometry influences on the Osteogenuine methods. The workshop will be exploring intention of movement, devising choreographic pathways derived from geometric patterns and symbology created from the dancers’ own statements of intent for self transformation.


3 Sharing Activities
Timothy Ohl 
Colour… Perception
During his Critical Path Illusions research residency with Alejandro Rolandi at UNSW, Timothy Ohl forged a new dialogue with Dr Juno Kim from the optical science and vision department. Based on experiments derived from optical illusions and the way the human brain interprets visual information, this workshop aims to distill the process of illusion by demonstrating the many ways our perception can shift once we are immersed in a low light environment.

Amaara Raheem | Mapping Brain-Body Wanderings
I’d like to tell you a story, a ‘true’ story about friendship, war and death. And then I’d like to ask you how did your brain make sense of this tale? Where did you wander when listening to my story? What did you see? where did you go? how far did you go? did you roam anywhere near ‘the start or the end of your body? I invite you to make maps of your brain-body wanderings, to collectively explore the role imagination plays particularly when considering the boundaries between wellness and illness.

Monica Stevens | Extend
A dance workshop which examines, from an Aboriginal perspective, how do the mind and spine collaborate.  The process investigates the crown, nape, thorax, girdles, centre and the base to probe the sessions inquiry where is the start and completion of the human body in its movement.

6-8pm | CURATED EVENING |Continuity. Transgression. Interruption.

Our bodies are contested ground, from Culture to culture, borders to membrane, public to private and macro to micro – climate. We are enmeshed, interdependent and involuntarily subject to interruptions, mutations and interventions. Over the course of the final evening six artists will share provocations that nudge at the notion of a neatly packaged independent autonomous body.
Curator Julie Vulcan
ParticipantsRakini Devi, Lux Eterna, Wei Zen Ho, Joshua Plether, Alison Plevey and Kathryn Puie

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