Bathurst Memorial Entertainment Centre (BMEC)

Critical Path in partnership with BMEC, developed the regional practice residency program, based in Central West NSW in 2018.

This collaboration built upon a joint project in 2016 Body As Material – Solo Practice which took place in Bathurst, Bundanon Trust and Parramatta (hosted by FORM). This project offered artists Alison Plevey, Ghenoa Ghela, Joshua Pether and WeiZen Ho, facilitated by Julie Vulcan a series of residencies across the year (including two at BMEC) to consider their solo practice and current or in planning projects.

Subsequently BMEC has hosted short visits by a number of international artists through Critical Path including Philippe Blanchard, Reina Kimura and Sioned Huws.

In 2018 artists Rosslyn Wythes, Susan Barling, Tanya Brown and Vicki van Hout and were invited for a residency in three locations in Bathurst, Orange and Cowra, facilitated by Rakini Devi.

In 2019 Alison Plevey undertook a residency at BMEC and the surrounding area exploring the relationship between her practice and the climate emergency, and Susan Barling researching her local connections in and around the town of Rylstone, most particularly the Kandos Museum. Rakini Devi was offered a space grant in Sydney to take forward a project with Central West collaborator Kenny Feather alongside Jiva Jehanathan Parthipan and Nigel Kellaway.

BMEC is partner for CP’s 2020 BiTS regional practitioner gathering.

Date & Location

Friday 1 January 2016 - Friday 31 December 2021