Research Program

Martin del Amo

Responsive Research

During his Critical Path Responsive Residency, choreographer Martin del Amo will conduct research into the choreographic potential of the trio form. His collaborators are dancers Kristina Chan, David Huggins and Miranda Wheen, as well as Justine Shih Pearson in the role of research consultant.

The aim of Martin’s research project is to gain a better understanding of the trio as a choreographic format, and identify, formulate and investigate new choreographic strategies. Key research questions will include: What constellations are possible within the trio form? Is there such a thing as a ‘true’ trio, as opposed to three entwined solos or the simultaneous exploration of a solo and a duet? What are useful strategies to co-ordinate three bodies in relation to each other, outside of the conventional ‘steps-set-to-counts’ paradigm?

Image credit: Heidrun Löhr

Date & Location

Saturday 2 November 2019, 9am - Saturday 16 November 2019, 5pm

The Drill Hall