Research Program

Amrita Hepi, Jahra Rager Wasasala


Amrita Hepi and Jahra ‘Rager’ Wasasala will spend a week in the Drill Hall 25 February – 1 March.

Amrita Hepi is an award winning first nations choreographer and dancer from from Bundjulung (Aus) and Ngapuhi (NZ) territories. Her mission as an artist is to push the barriers of intersectionality and make work that garners multiple access points through allegories. Her practice at present is interested in probing ideas of authenticity, the perpetuation of culture, tradition, and a ‘decolonial imagination’ – and questioning where this now resides.

An artist with a broad following and reach her work has taken various forms (film, performance, sculpture, text, lecture, paticipatory installation) but always begins from working with the body as a point of archive, memory and resistance.

Jahra ‘Rager’ Wasasala is a contemporary dancer, choreographer and poet. She was born and raised in Aotearoa, New Zealand. Jahra has roots in many places around the world, and her pacific heritage comes from the islands of Fiji.

Jahra is known for her powerful performances, ancient edge, and socially provocative nature. Her creative works are interdisciplinary solo and group theatre dance works. She explores the space between contemporary dance and live poetry, whilst incorporating other mediums. Her work aims to serve as a platform to create open discussions on the connections with historical events.

Together they will present a public workshop at the Drill Hall on Friday 1 March.

Date & Location

Monday 25 February 2019 - Friday 1 March 2019

The Drill Hall, Critical Path