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Martin del Amo with Thomas E.S. Kelly, Katina Olsen & Taree Sansbury

Talking Dance: Dance Ecology Three

For the third and final article in the Talking Dance: Dance Ecologies series, Martin del Amo has been talking to First Nations choreographers and dancers Thomas E.S. Kelly, Katina Olsen and Taree Sansbury. Martin’s article shows us how these ambitious, young choreographers are creating opportunities for their voices to be heard and the importance community plays in the creation of their work.

Accompanying Martin’s text is an Artist Profile for each featured artist, which looks at their personal practice, involvement with Critical Path, collaborators, and the organisations that have supported them.

Dance Ecology Three Article – Thomas E.S. Kelly, Katina Olsen & Taree Sansbury

Artist Profile – Thomas E.S. Kelly

Artist Profile – Katina Olsen

Artist Profile – Taree Sansbury

Dance Ecology Three Article with Artist Profiles (Accessible Word Version)

Banner image credits:
Thomas E.S. Kelly – Kate Holmes, Katina Olsen – Patrick Cook, Taree Sansbury – Kate Holmes

Date & Location

Thursday 1 October 2020 - Thursday 31 December 2020