Thursday 15 November

Posted by Critical Path

Open Studio Showing of developing work “Carmen et Error”

Critical Path’s Associate Artist Adelina Larsson invites you to an open studio showing of a new work currently in research and development – “Carmen et Error”.

Adelina Larsson, Anthony Coxeter (playwright) and Andrew Morrish (performer) have been in residence at CP this week and for the last day they would like to share this process with friends.

The starting point of the work:

Carmen et Error reprises Ovid’s tragic aetion – or origin story – of the diving bird, an unfinished episode in the Metamorphoses.

On the occasion of the revocation of Ovid’s exile by Rome in 2017, 2,000 years after he was banished by Emperor Augustus to a remote coastal town by the Black Sea in 8 AD, the work takes its title from the broken poet’s perhaps disingenuous lament of the reason for his exile as ‘a carmen et error’ (lit. a poem and a mistake).

After Quidam, a Lesser Poet in touch with Ovid, composes a play called Carmen et Error to console Ovid in his exile by elaborating one of Ovid’s stories of how the cormorant came to be, Quidam becomes complicit in the same succession politics of Rome responsible for Ovid’s misfortune, and Quidam escapes the same fate by escaping into the logos of the form of the cormorant of his own work, Carmen et Error. 

The pegged-out limits of Quidam’s stage also become the new moveable configurations of the poles that cormorants find in the world to stand upon, and observe the world around them. 

This logos lets him observe the complex historical songs and errors that have shaped Europe: from the practice driving area of the abandoned Fiat factory in Asmara, to the refugee encampment on the marble floor inside the Church of the Santi Apostoli in Rome, to the sugarcane fields of Northern Queensland, the cormorant brings its double-natured state. 

With powerful parallels between life and fiction across two millenia, Carmen is therefore part of an ongoing story rooted in the freedom of artistic expression, contemporary diasporas of exile, and the radical palinodic power of ‘taking back’ or ‘unsaying’.

From this stating point…the work has now evolved into a new perspective..


Showing details:

Where: Critical Path, the Drill Hall

When: 16th Nov 3.30pm

Informal chat afterwards over drinks and nibbles.