Development Program

Dinis Machado

Barco Dance Collection

Barco is a research project that artist Dinis Machado runs parallel to his activity as a choreographer to map and investigate the practices of different choreographers work he is curious about.

Dinis invites other choreographers to make short dances (10 to 15 min) that he himself will perform. It is a collection of dances rather than a collection of dance performances (in the interdisciplinary sense of a stage performance where the light, the sound, the set and the costumes build something together). The proposal for the choreographers is to think that the space were this dances happens is not the room where we are in but within the body itself. This is a collection of dances where dance is looked at and worked on as something autonomous.

The project will arrive to a public through evenings where a group of dances are shown together. They will mostly not be shown on stages but in other varied types of spaces. Barco is therefore designed to be presented anywhere. Being the performative condition of dance practice mostly immaterial, as a map, this collection is as well a gathering of practices rather than the objects that surround it.

The collection consists of dances by Lucy Suggate (UK), Vicky Malin (UK), Robbie Synge (UK), Katerina S. Andreou (GR/FR), Javiera Péon-Veiga (CL), Elisabete Finger (BR), Rosalind Goldberg (SE), Rebecka Stillman (SE), Rachel Tess (US/SE), Jorge Gonçalves (DE/PT), Ali Moini (IR/FR), Miguel Jaime(UY/AR).

BARCO is attentive to develop a dance practice were dance artists with different bodies and cultural backgrounds collaborate for a more plural understanding and practice of what dance can be.

For this research residency Dinis has invited artist Dan Daw (AU/UK), to join him. He is now looking for a second choreographer to make work on him. In the interest of balance across the program we would particularly welcome applications from female choreographers.

Dinis would also like to encourage those who have created some works but have not yet established long-term conditions for the development of their work to apply.


Date & Location

Monday 12 June 2017 - Sunday 25 June 2017

The Drill Hall