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Innovation in any field doesn’t happen without dedicated time and space for research and development – and this is true for dance as well. Here at Critical Path we are driven to provide opportunities for Australian choreographers and dancers to incubate new ideas and experiments in our studio at the Drill Hall so that excellent new work can make it to our stages.

How will the funds be used? Your donation allows us to provide critical creative infrastructure to the dance community such as space, time, technical resources and, most importantly, income to artists. Critical Path relies on increasingly competitive government funding for over 80% of its costs. We could do so much more with financial support from individuals and foundations. As an example:

  • $50 keeps the lights and heating on in the Drill Hall studio for one day
  • $200 pays for one night of accommodation for a visiting artist
  • $300 funds one artist’s participation in a workshop for a day
  • $800 funds a visiting international artist to facilitate a masterclass
  • $1350 pays an emerging choreographer-in-residence to work full-time for a week
  • $2000 pays an established choreographer-in-residence to work full-time for a week

No matter how modest, all donations are welcome and will enable us to provide more resources to the dance community.

All donations of $2 and above are fully tax deductible.

Critical Path Inc Donations Account is endorsed as a deductible gift recipient under Subdivision 30-BA of the income Tax Assessment Act 1997.

Critical Path’s ABN: 12 049 903261

Your donation supports independent dance artists in Australia

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