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Issue 15 | TIME | March 2024

The 15th edition of Critical Dialogues – themed: TIME – brings contributions by Kay Armstrong, Nareeporn Vachananda, Rhiannon Newton, el waddingham, Natalie Quan Yau Tso, Laura Osweiler, as well as the transcript of the 2023 March Dance conversation ‘What happens in the pause?’ and a review of Angela Goh’s ‘Axe Arc Echo’.

From essays and academic texts to performance scripts and instructional scores, these works are written by dancers and movement-artists acutely attuned to time from corporeal perspective. They contemplate the relationship between human-time and the geological scale of time that surrounds them, the impact of gravity on one’s perception of time, the relationship between urgency and intergenerational trauma, the way that time (via memory) leaves residues within the body, the dizzying affect of epic regularity, and the value of pause in circumventing habits and accessing new possibilities.

Edited by Ira Ferris
Graphic design by Zoe Baumgartner
Published by Critical Path, March 2024

You can read and download it here.


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Issue 14 | First Nations Dialogue: Learnings Informing Our Practice | Summer 2021/2022

This issue brings into focus Australia’s First Nations dance makers in a revealing and honest dialogue on what informs and inspires their creativity. Revealing the layered and complicated histories, understanding meaning, and methodologies embodying, what BEING Indigenous is, and how the principles and learnings from Family, Elders and Communities are translated through movement.

We Hear, We See, We Learn, We Share, We Teach

Issue 13.2 | Archiving Practice: The Place of the Body in Dance Archives | July 2021

This publication is the second edition of Critical Dialogues Issue 13 that focuses on dance archives. In this edition each artist shares their approach and experience on archiving along with the opportunities, challenges, and benefits of archives to ongoing practice. Artists in their writings also question embodied archiving and the place of the body in dance archives.  

This publication features Charemaine Seet, Keni K. Soeriaatmadja, Lisa Petty, Martin Del Amo, Matthew Doyle and Wu-Kang Chen.  Co-edited by Claire Hicks and Ozlem Bekiroglou Aldogan.


This project is supported by City of Sydney.  


Issue 13.1 | Archives, Practice, and the Independent Choreographer | December 2020

This issue of Critical Dialogues focuses on dance archives and specifically that of choreographers with an established and significant relationship with the City of Sydney. It marks the end of the first stage of a wider project, Dancing Sydney : Mapping Movements : Performing Histories, a partnership between Critical Path and the University of Sydney, University of New South Wales and Macquarie University, working with twelve artists/artist group from 2016 – 2020.

This publication features writing by Amanda Card, Kay Armstrong, Narelle Benjamin, Julie-Anne Long, Dean Walsh, Vicki Van Hout, The Fondue Set (Jane McKernan, Elizabeth Ryan and Emma Saunders), Melati Suryodarmo, Ghenoa Gela and Erin Brannigan. Co-edited by Claire Hicks and Elizabeth Chua.

Dancing Sydney Archive Project is supported by City of Sydney, 2019 & 2020.

Issue 12 | Technologies of the Choreographer: Slow Interviews | August 2020

This issue focuses on digital technologies in research, development, and practice. As technology develops and improves, choreographers and performers explore the possibilities digital media can offer to the process of creating and performing dance. The contributing artists’ texts, audios, videos and images focus on the relationship between the live body and the digital technologies that become part of their daily life and an influence on the process of their work discipline.

Edited by Jodie McNeilly Renaudie with contributions from Eddie Ladd, Matt Cornell, Monica Stevens and Simo Kellokumpu.


This publication is funded by the Australia Council for the Arts. 

Issue 11 Vol. 1 | Hacking the Anthropocene | May 2019

Following on from Critical Path’s Choreographic Hack Laboratory in January 2019 some of the participants share the entry points and ongoing questions and considerations in relation to the idea of the ‘Anthropocene’.

Edited by Bek Conroy with contributions from Astrida Neimanis, Henrietta Baird, Ivey Wawn, Jodie McNeilly and Sarah Pini.


Issue 6 | Intercultural | Apr 2016

Explores intercultural practice, exchange, reflections of the presentations including Speak Local and other Interchange Festival events held at Critical Path in 2015.

Issue 2 | Dance Dramaturgies | Jan 2014

We feel. We listen. We wait.

Groping for meaningful threads, the logic, our senses not making sense, we probe the hidden, fall over the obvious, turn on constructions, trace connections, impose coherence, and proliferate the imagined…

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