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Tess de Quincey and Peter Fraser

Impro-Exchange 2013

In partnership with The Weather Exchange, an initiative of De Quincey Co.

Open to Australian choreographers/dancers. Expressions of interest for February lab due 31 January; for October lab due 1 September.

Building on previous laboratories between 2006 and 2012, Impro-Exchange 2013 is a series of two intensive three-day labs facilitated by Tess de Quincey in collaboration with Martin del Amo and Peter Fraser respectively.

The project aims to further explore the nature of improvisation between dancers from different backgrounds, ages and traditions and to generate a forum of dialogue, exchange and discussion around strategies and processes of improvisation. Expressions of interest are invited from dancers interested in participating and collaborating.

Tess de Quincey is a choreographer and dancer who has worked extensively in Europe, Japan, India and Australia as a performer, teacher and director.


Peter Fraser has worked extensively with the BodyWeather practice and studied with Min Tanaka in Japan.

Maya Gavish and WeiZen Ho. Photo: Heidrun Löhr

Date & Location

Thursday 10 October 2013 - Saturday 12 October 2013

The Drill Hall