Responsive Program Residencies

Matthew Day

Research Room Residency

Day is currently engaged in choreographic processes that emerge primarily
through the act of dancing. He is developing dances of materiality,
composed with experimental practices and somatic technologies that deal
with the body as a series of vibrant surfaces and depths. He is engaging
with the ritual and transformational powers of dancing, and connecting with
ancient as well as future dances.

Day’s first full length work since 2012, will premiere in June 2016, as
part of his final presentation of the Amsterdam Masters of Choreography, at
Dansmaakers in Amsterdam. In November the work will premiere at Dancehouse
in Melbourne, where Matthew is artist in residence for 2016.

Photo: Gregory Lorenzutti

Date & Location

Monday 14 December 2015, 12am - Wednesday 30 December 2015, 12am

Drill Hall