Responsive Program Residencies

Peter Lenaerts

Research Room Residency

JUL 14 – AUG 3 | AUG 25–31

MicroSleepDub wants to look for sounds that are too quiet or too small, too vague, too low, or too irritating, or that don’t match with what we see. By using the microphone as a microscope, MicroSleepDub wants to zoom in and amplify these neglected, underexposed and discarded sounds.

MicroSleepDub is about immersion and acoustic overload. Its natural habitat is the city – densely populated, stretched over vast distances, full of auditory microclimates. Sounds layered and stacked together and embedded in the reinforced concrete of new architecture. Cities murmur, whisper, and rumble; streets buzz, hum, and purr; buildings breathe, whir, and vibrate. Architecture produces sound, whether voluntary or not. Every room sounds different, every space resonates.

Peter Lenaerts (NSW/BE) is fascinated by empty spaces and invisible sound. Sound that doesn’t scream for attention but sneaks into the listener’s ear unnoticed. Sound without ego, pure sound.

Image: Peter Lenaerts

Date & Location

Monday 14 July 2014 - Sunday 31 August 2014

Research Room