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Riley Watts


Open to Australian choreographers and dancers. 

A fantastic surprise addition to our 2015 Facilitated program, American dancer Riley Watts, a member of the Forsythe Company since 2010 will lead a workshop over two mornings at The Drill Hall.

Riley Watts is a dancer, teacher, researcher from Maine, USA. He studied dance at the Walnut Hill School for the Arts and earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts from The Juilliard School in NYC. He has worked professionally with the Cedar Lake Contemporary Ballet, Bern Ballet, Netherlands Dance Theater 2, and currently is a dancer with The Forsythe Company in Frankfurt, Germany. In addition to performing, he regularly teaches Forsythe improvisation methods for dance professionals, students, and non-dancers of all ranges of age and experience. From 2010-2014 he was an Associate Researcher with Motion Bank and contributes to collaborative research specializing in the Neuroscience of Dance in coordination with universities in the UK, Germany, and Australia.

Date & Location

Saturday 22 August 2015 - Sunday 23 August 2015

9:30am -12pm The Drill Hall FREE