Critical Dialogues

Our e-journal, Critical Dialogues, is a platform for the promotion and dissemination of creative research undertaken by our local dance community. Critical Dialogues was launched in 2013 and each bi-annual issue features a different guest editor and editorial theme.

Issue 10 | No Body | Nov 2018

In volume #10, the absent body is placed in relief against the non-sighted body and the aliveness of objects, culminating in a meditation on what absence might mean in today’s post-fordist era.

Issue 9 | Dance Visual Art | Mar 2018

In volume #9, artists and curators explore intersections between dance and visual art.


Issue 8 | Environment | Aug 2017

In volume #8, artists examine how environments shape experience and output in the creative realm.


Issue 7.2 | Disability | April 2017

In the second volume of CD#7, artists write about how they create work out of the material they live and foster new and unique choreographic approaches. ACCESSIBLE WORD DOC

Issue 7 | Disability | Sept 2016

Choreographers speak about their experiences and claiming spaces as artists with disability.

Issue 6 | Intercultural | Apr 2016

Explores intercultural practice, exchange, reflections of the presentations including Speak Local and other Interchange Festival events held at Critical Path in 2015.


Exercises in writing towards, about, around and alongside writing by Sydney’s Writing Dancing group.

Issue 4 | Spotlight on Dance Massive | Mar 2015

The curatorial process, what it means to be a young artist in the program, the increasing presence of producers and the Sydney perspective.

Issue 3 | Practice | Aug 2014

Dedicated to the intimate activities, oblique acts, and invisible efforts that feed into the work of choreography.

Issue 2 | Dance Dramaturgies | Jan 2014

We feel. We listen. We wait.

Groping for meaningful threads, the logic, our senses not making sense, we probe the hidden, fall over the obvious, turn on constructions, trace connections, impose coherence, and proliferate the imagined…

Issue 1 | In Writing | June 2013

Locating writing and dancing as partners in practice, process, performance and documentation.