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Anandavalli’s Story in an Interview with Martin del Amo


During Anandavalli’s 2017 Dancing Sydney residency at Critical Path, Anandavalli and Martin del Amo had the idea to record the highlights of her career with an interview.

Martin says: ‘I have very fond memories of doing this interview with Anandavali. She is an extremely engaging storyteller – insightful, witty and sharp. And the stories are just brilliant. They range from growing up in Sri Lanka in the 1960’s and touring the world as a child prodigy to relocating to Australia in the Eighties and creating works for Lingalayam, the dance company she founded. This interview is a fantastic opportunity for listeners to learn more about Anandavalli’s extraordinary life and career, as retold by herself.’

This interview details how Anandavalli’s choreographic vocabulary has grown since the establishment of her Lingalayam Dance Company. The artist talks about her life as a dancer, choreographer and teacher and touches on her amazing artistic journey through different aspects of her life of 50 years.

Click here to listen to Anandavalli’s artistic journey.

Photos by Sanja Vukelja. 

Date & Location

Tuesday 11 August 2020 - Thursday 31 December 2020