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Rhiannon Newton, Jane McKernan, First Nations Artists

Dancing the Drill 2020

2020 marks the 15th Anniversary of Critical Path as an organization dedicated to providing research and development opportunities for the independent choreographic sector.

To celebrate this and to kick off March Dance we will Dance the Drill!

Dancing the Drill will convene around an Open Weekend in which our home base, The Drill Hall in Rushcutters Bay, will be given over to dance.  The activities taking place will be an extension of our ongoing research and development work and a very different way for the public to engage with dance artists and their process.

The project will be based around two residencies going in and out of the weekend in the hall and the upstairs studio (verandah rooms). The artists, Rhiannon Newton and Jane McKernan, will offer a daily update on their process that will be available to the public.

Alongside this there will be a series of Kitchen Conversations all week with First Nations Artists and dance Elders.

The project will form Critical Path’s main contribution to MARCH DANCE, a month-long celebration of independent dance in Sydney.

Rhiannon Newton

Rhiannon will continue her research into questions relating to making sense of, and with, the world. Following on from recent somatic practice studies she will explore how touch-based technologies, cybernetic models, biological storytelling and feeling-led knowledge systems support movements, of chemical, nervous and fictive kinds, across fleshy borders and different scales. Along with solo practice and consultation with key peers, Rhiannon will explore these processes with seven of her previous collaborators in a three-day supported laboratory.

Image Credit: Sheung Yiu

Jane McKernan

Sydney based choreographer and member of The Fondue Set, Jane McKernan will investigate how to continue as a mid-career middle-aged dance artist in Sydney after living in the UK for 4 years. Her research has several strands, the first being research into coming back to the body as the site of her dance practice, and back to artistic practice as her primary focus, asking, ‘What is my dancing body now?’. Secondly, she will have conversations with other mid-career middle-aged dance artists around the subject of existence and continuation. Lastly, she will use The Unnamable by Samuel Beckett as a philosophic underpinning, and as a provocation towards moving and writing about the notion of existence, identity and uncertain futures.

Image Credit: Chris Nash, From Wendy Houston’s – Stupid Women

Date & Location

Saturday 29 February 2020 - Sunday 1 March 2020