Research Program

Sarah Pini

Responsive Residency

Interdisciplinary researcher, anthropologist and choreographer Sarah Pini for her Critical Path Responsive Research Residency will work remotely with collaborators Jestin George, biolotechnologist and visual artist, and Melissa Ramos, visual artist and filmmaker. Sarah will continue the research started in January 2019 during the ‘Choreographic Hack Lab’.

Together with her collaborators they will explore ideas around what art, dance and movement could do for our society in facing and (re)thinking the Anthropocene, and how an embodied perspective can challenge and transform our cultural assumptions and why we should care. They will tackle how dance and choreographic thinking in conversation with synthetic biology hold the potential to transform our bodies (self, social and politic), reshape our future and cope with uncertain times.

The artists worked on 01-05 April and continue to work on 15-19 May 2020.

Image courtesy of the artists.

Date & Location

Friday 15 May 2020 - Tuesday 19 May 2020