RECHARGE Space Grants (Winter ’23)

We are delighted to open The Drill Hall in this cooler and darker winter months to a group of artists whose choreographic explorations range from cultural dancing roots to autumnal phase of life, from co-existence within the land, waterways and skies to intergenerational collaboration, from the intertwining of sawing and choreography to phenomenology of memory.


The recipients of the 2023 RECHARGE Space Grant are:



Sabrina Lee Muszynski

Sabrina will continue developing her new work, 2nd Skin, deconstructing the nuances of Scottish Highland dancing. She will experiment with new hand movement qualities juxtaposed to the traditional Highland hand position representing a male ‘stag’. 
Photo: Matthew Miceli. Taken at LIVE DREAMS: MARRIAGES, presented by Performance Space and Carriageworks. 


Ryuichi Fujimura  

Ryuichi will revisit and renew the choreography of the solo performance “How Did I Get Here?”, originally made to mark his 50th birthday and reflect on having lived for half a century. Now nearly another decade having passed, it is time to incorporate the new life journeys into the work to better reflect current emotional and physical states.
Photo: Lucy Le Masurier


Karlia Cook

Karlia will research the cycling relation between people, communities, waters, trees and animalsthe totality of existence and connection between every living being. The residency will foster a space of listening and learning as she journeys to connect to her Māori culture and uncover ancestry across seas. The development of this work is an important step in my path as an artist and a women, as I ask my ancestors to journey through me with movement and storying. 
Photo: Emma Fishwick 


Lucy Doherty

Lucy will be working with three dresses made and passed down from her late grandmother. She will be investigating the stories these garments hold and explore ideas and skills that are passed down from generation to generation. An area of focus and interest within her choreographic investigation is the practice of sewing, a skills held both by her grandmother and mother. “I’m interested in exploring how working with fabric and the practice of sewing might inform movement creation and vice versa.”
Photo: Lorcan Power


Angela Goh

Angela will work on choreographic research for a new project, with long time sound collaborator Corin Ileto.
Photo: Jason Sukadana


Sue Healey 

Sue Healey will collaborate with Martin del Amo, Tra Mi Dinh and Mitchell Christie to coalesce several years of choreographic investigation into a duet entitled ‘1-3, 4-6’. Over the last 6 years, Sue and Martin have developed an ongoing movement research practice where they regularly meet in various studios and set each other improvisational tasks. They were recently approached by Tra Mi Dinh and Mitchell Christie, who also have their own shared duet practice, and are keen to exchange working processes. In the Drill Hall they will come together to research the potential inter-generational collaboration.
Photo: Gavin Clarke. Martin del Amo and Sue Healey in ‘Melting Moments’. 


Texas Nixon-Kain & Niki Verrall

Texas and Niki’s residency will focus on exploring the passage of time, specifically, their bodily memories to date. Their interest lies in layering the disparate ends of their previously submerged worlds within an imagined collective world of the present, where imagination meets the genuineness of one’s personal history. During their time in the Drill Hall, they will explore the potential of a durational duet that communicates phenomenological experiences and memories.  
Photo by Texas and Niki


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