Research Residencies

2024 RESEARCH ROOM residents (Term 1)

4 to 17 March; 29 April to 12 May

Leah will transcribe the recordings from her project Conversations on Performance: A Digestion, where she hosts a dinner with four dancers to talk about personal experiences regarding performance. “As we eat, we are metabolising memories, concepts and hard-to-name experiences.” The transcription will form part of a text based on these discussions, to consolidate topics, concepts, common experiences that have come up so far.

18 to 28 March; 13 to 26 May

Lucy will focus on her current project Afterlife which combines movement, text and projections onto old garments of clothing to explore themes of grief and loss. During the research room residency she will spend time consolidating past development findings as well as undertake deeper research into pre-colonial mourning practices, in particular Irish keening rituals.

5 to 19 June

Rhiannon will undertake initial embodied writing experiments for a new project The Presence Tense, where she imagines the present in relation to the seconds in which she feels herself making decisions about what she’s doing, what she’s in relation to and what to do next. What does it mean to be in the present if the present is something that can be sensed from differing more-than-human perspectives?

20 to 30 June

Madeline will deconstruct her dancing past in order to paste together her thoughts for the present and future. Why do I dance? Why do WE dance? What is it about this human instinct that begins our obsession and fuels our profession? What purpose do we serve? These are some of the questions she will investigate while researching the building blocks of what we have constructed in the dance world in Australia, as well as reflecting on the dance and arts cultures she has been a part of in Europe.


Research Room residencies are supported by Woollahra Municipal Council.



Image #1: Leah Landau, ‘A/P D/V’,  Prøverommet, Bergen Konsthall, Norway. Photographer: Laurie Lax.

Image #2: Lucy Jane Doherty, ‘Afterlife’ development showing. Photographer: Joseph Mayers.

Image #3: Rhiannon Newton, Earthbound for MOVES, Art Gallery of NSW. Photographer: Felicity Jenkins.

Image #4: Madeline Harms. Photographer: Kim Doeleman.

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