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A Strange Place

Elysa Wendi and Rhiannon Newton

A Strange Place describes Elysa Wendi and Rhiannon Newton‘s collaboration that has evolved since they first met in Campbelltown in 2018. Their collaboration is grounded in conversation, which is understood as a kind of choreography that materially connects their different worlds and which gradually constructs an embodied (strange) place that they inhabit and speak from together. Meeting face-to-face, at the edges of bodies of water, and via internet cables that join Hong Kong to Sydney, they have been making attempts to synchronise and share embodied experiences. Through the Critical Path Responsive Residency Elysa and Rhiannon have been developing their practice and also working with Dance Nucleus Singapore to share some of the outcomes of their practice in Vector #2 at Esplanade Theatre. Elysa and Rhiannon have collaborated with sound artist Peter Lenaerts to produce a live sound and video installation based on their ongoing conversations. They are also exhibiting artefacts from their 4 years of practice, including video experiments and transcripts of their conversations.

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Critical Path

The Drill, 1C New Beach Rd,
Darling Point (Rushcutters Bay), Sydney