Alan Schacher

Callout for Contributions – by Alan Schacher

For Critical Path’s Dance Archiving Project, rather than a map of trajectories of works I have made, I wish to unearth an even more fragile trace, that of the collective thoughts and unfinished sentences that pass amongst and between us, artists and audiences.
Floating words about and in response to both performance and practice, but the ones that sting us or inspire or sit within us.
What lingers in words.…the ends of things unresolved…. discussions not completed, especially the ones that bounce back as unanswered echoes.
Inspired by Douglas Dunn’s 1975 poem Talking Dancing, I’ll take the position that everything is dancing.

My project cannot exist without your contributions. Please dig deep!
I’d like to gather your unspokens.

memories, thoughts, responses, retorts, questions, comments, voiced feelings, and also what you sensed that others have held back from you or you have held back from others

Please contribute both in audio format and in written form: ideally both versions.
These can be quite short, sentences or phrases that complete an interaction, a conversation, a dialogue or monologue.

In response, please send me a short audio recording in your own words, (NOTE it may be better spoken by someone else on your behalf to mask your identity.)
Note also that we may need to edit and re-voice your contribution.

Please don’t name specific works or identify people in your text!

Use your mobile phone or any device to record it.
*** If possible please also send a text version to facilitate editing and compilation.

Allow a silent gap at the beginning and end to facilitate editing.

View an explanatory video for the callout below:

Further clarification
The unspoken is often the other half of a conversation, or a conversation never commenced.
Thoughts, feelings, emotions and arguments that remain lingering, in suspension, over the years.
Perhaps a regret, an insult, wound, or a hindrance, but equally a compliment, an acknowledgement, a thanks, or a blessing.
My subject matter extends to responses to all forms of body-based practice, whether in dance, physical theatre, performance art, live art, or improvisational work.

I’m working with Ash Baker to edit the collected contributions into an audio compilation to be presented as an installation at Critical Path in Sydney.
In this I am inspired by having seen an empty hall used by a religious group for sharing circles.

The collected contributions will be presented later in the year. 

How to share your files:
Use this link to upload to dropbox: https://www.dropbox.com/request/eMnapZ8czt6daZjhlxku
or by email : [email protected]

Deadline for contributions: Sunday 12th April 2020


Image credit: Alan Schacher

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