Amy Zhang

2023 Critical Path Digital Research Fellowship

The world of online dating and virtual AI companions has sparked Amy’s interest in how we connect in the digital space and questions about what role IRL (in real life) interactions plays in building intimacy. With collaborators William (Billy) Keohavong and Toshiya Maruyama testing and measuring the capacity of digital platforms to foster intimacy through the exchange of cultural knowledge and movement.


Amy Zhang is a Chinese-Australian movement artist specialising in performance, movement direction and choreography. Her work spans live performance, film, tv and digital art. Her practice is grounded in Chinese ways of knowing and storytelling through experimenting with the intersections of street-style foundations and contemporary frameworks. Amy is currently focused on building intimacy through the cross-cultural exchange of knowledge and movement.


Image credits:
Hero Images: Billy and Toshi, images courtesy of Amy Zhang
Profile – Amy Zhang, image by Sam Wong

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