Animal Dances Workshop

Open nationally to professional choreographers, dancers.

This workshop proposes approaches, methods, games and scores that Martin developed while making the solo and the group version of Animal Dances. How do we, urban animals of the 21st century, relate to animals and, maybe, to ourselves as creatures? Which dances evolve, when we understand ourselves as beings immersed in a context of other beings? Is imitation a valid tool or does it lead to representation? How do conditioning, animal training and dance practice relate? What do we see when we look at animals? Where do we see and look at animals? What do we look at in the theatre? In an ongoing process of trying out scores and games, generating material, looking at each other and discussing results, Martin will work with participants to develop a practice of researching and creating through our thinking and moving bodies.

Martin Nachbar is one of Berlin’s leading choreographers. His reconstruction of Dore Hoyer’s Affectos Humanos (1962) from 2008 has been influential for several dance reenactments in Germany. Martin’s work tours internationally and he teaches widely in Europe.

Martin Nachbar. Photo: Pekka Mäkinen

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