Critical Path and BlakDance have partnered in many projects since 2015, building upon CP’s history of support for First Nations Australian artists including the Indigenous Mentoring Project 2014-16. Following BlakDance’s Dana Waranara convergence 2015, CP renewed its commitment to Indigenous artists starting with residencies for Eric Avery and Carly Sheppard in 2016 and 2017, respectively.

In 2018, BlakDance, Critical Path and Mirramu partnered engaging First Nations Australian Artists in a week Articulating Practice development project. The residency took place with artists Carly Sheppard, Eric Avery, Katie Lesley, Joel Bray and Taree Sansbury at Mirramu Creative Art Centre. Elisabeth Cameron Dalman hosted and was a guest artist.

In 2018, artists Katina Olsen and Lizzie Thomson explored what it means to Acknowledge Country by considering the land we live and work on, as part of a project supported by BlakDance and the Woollahra Municipal Council.

In 2019, five First Nations Australian Artists came together at the Drill Hall in a three-day Articulating Practice development workshop, to explore and share their practice. Participating artists were Adrienne Semmens, Henrietta Baird, Jasmin Shepard and Tahnee Arnold. Matthew Doyle and Vicki Van Hout joined the group as guest artists.

As part of Critical Path’s developing Koori Producer program in partnership with BlakDance, the First Nations Australian artist Mariaa Randall participated the International Visitors Program at Dance in Vancouver in 2019.


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