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Choreographic Expansion Lab


This one-week lab is catered towards digital artists who collaborate with dancers or who incorporate choreography in their work. It will support artists to expand their choreographic vocabulary and work more discerningly when leveraging dance in digital environments. 



Eisa JOCSON exposes body politics in the service and entertainment industry as seen through the unique socioeconomic lens of the Philippines. She studies how the body moves and what conditions make it move—be it social mobility or movement out of Philippines through migrant work. In all her creations—from pole to macho dancing and hostess to Disney princess studies—capital is the driving force of movement pushing the indentured body into spatial geographies. 


Artists working in Australia: 

Riana HEAD-TOUSSAINT is an interdisciplinary disabled/crip artist of Afro-Caribbean heritage. Her work often crosses traditional artform boundaries, and exists in online and offline spaces. Her choreographic practice is deeply informed and influenced by her movement language and embodied-experience as a wheelchair-user, and her self-taught/DIY artistic background and production methodologies. She makes both site-responsive, iterative work and more discrete projects; and her work often involves self-performance, film and sound design. She creates works that interrogate entrenched systems, structures and ways of thinking; and advocate for social change. She is also a lawyer, curator and DJ.  

Roslyn ORLANDO is a multidisciplinary artist working across live performance, video, text and experimental music. She is interested in the ways new technologies produce language, communication and meaning. Her work explores how these networked systems infiltrate, co-opt and disrupt our ontologies, emotional transmissions and experiences of time, memory, death, desire, friendship and other socially formed cognitions. 


Artists working in Taiwan: 

Zi-ping TIAN focuses mainly on the reflection towards the technical production and media era, and also attempts to achieve the multi-perspective artwork through the creative process. TIAN shifts between roles of audiovisual technician, visual designer, and executive producer of new media devices at exhibition and theatre. 

Jia-hua ZHAN was born in Hsinchu in 1987. Her work includes new media projects, videos, interactive installations, and interactive performances. She has won numerous international awards and specializes in combining visual art and performing art to explore the relationships between human beings, technology, and media forming a unique visual database of body imagery. 



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