Cloe Fournier

Research Residencies

Cloe Fournier

2022 Research Residency

For the 2022 Critical Path Research Residency, independent choreographer and dancer Cloé Fournier together with physical theatre director David Clarkson, and digital artist Matthew Hugues will combine forces to explore the complex relationship between digital technology and artistic performance (dance).

During the residency, artists will look at the collision between the digital and the human body. Mixed reality allows to blend the physical and digital worlds, therefore they will work at the intersection of these two forms of understanding, researching, and developing methodologies to find a synergy of physical environments (choreographed movement) and virtual environments (Augmented Reality through 3D glasses) to develop absolute immersive experiences for the performers to develop interactive material during future international digital collaborations.

Image credits: courtesy of Cloe Fournier. 


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