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[CP]3 with Dance Nucleus

Dance Nucleus is running a second edition of the Certificate Programme for Critical Practice in Contemporary Performance, April to October 2022. [CP]3 is a distance-learning program for the development of critical praxes in contemporary choreography and performance making, with a focus on the Asian context.


It consists of 8 modules featuring:

Padmini Chettur (Chennai), Pichet Klunchun (Bangkok); Arco Renz (Brussels), Melati Suryodarmo (Surakarta), Xiaoke x Zihan (Shanghai), Nanako Nakajima (Kyoto), Eisa Jocson (Manila), and Luke George (Melbourne).


Critical Path is combining with ReadyMade Works to support members of Artists that Attract collective (Amy Zhang, Jeremy Santos and Reina Takeuchi) to participate in the program, with the provision of two bursary places, some space to carry out course activities and a small honorarium for each artist.


Amy Zhang is a Sydney-based movement artist and choreographer who specialises in street dance. Working across physical and digital spaces, her practice explores the intersections of cultural nuance and storytelling on unpacking the Chinese values, and how she can cross-culturally exchange this knowledge with others through movement.

Jeremy Santos is a first generation Filipino Australian movement artist, writer and spoken word poet whose passions for creating, performing and teaching allow him to share his love for dance and storytelling. Jeremy explores and express his experiences and views as a queer millennial of Asian diaspora who lives with HIV while advocating for minorities and marginalised communities.

Reina Takeuchi is an Australian-Japanese artist-researcher, curator and dance maker interested in interdisciplinary collaboration. Influenced by her experiences living peripatetically across East and Southeast Asia during her youth, Reina uses an auto-ethnographic approach to her art/performance processes.

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