Research Residencies

CRITICAL PRACTICE with Victoria Hunt

Block One: Wind + Tree

On the back of her 2024 Responsive Residency at Critical Path, and as a continuation of her research process, Victoria Hunt will run a series of workshops, the first of which is under the theme: MANIPULATIONS: Wind + Tree

The aim of this workshop series is to create a space for collective research, reflection, and physical practice.

Through a collaborative process of intersubjective dialogue and exchange, participants will engage deeply with their own kinaesthetic potential, while exploring their relationship to imagination as a catalyst for transformative states.

“embracing dreams, not objectives” – Min Tanaka

Drawing from core aspects of the BODYWEATHER training, primarily MANIPULATIONS, these five workshops will explore how embodied sense perceptions arise within and around us, and how the body can be shaped and “danced” by these perceptual modes. MANIPULATIONS is a partner-based practice involving one practitioner giving and the other receiving a series of touch-based manipulations, with roles alternating throughout. It is a synthesis of Eastern and Western somatic traditions such as yoga, shiatsu, acupuncture, kinesiology, and sports training.The practice consists of over 90 movements, structured in sequences of 1 to 7.

WIND + TREE: from the MANIPULATIONS practice we will explore infinite layers of relationship between body, mind, animate forces and the imagination. This aspect of the workshop will bring us into deeper imaginal realms.

“wind makes no sound only when moving air interacts with something else” – The Secret World Of Weather

NB: BODYWEATHER is a broad based training that proposes a practical strategy to the mind and to the body. It is not just for ‘professional dancers’ or ‘performance practitioners’ alone but is an open investigation that can be relevant for anyone interested in exploring the body. Manipulations were first developed between Min Tanaka and Maijuku performance collective in Japan 1980’s. As a former member of Maijuku, Tess de Quincey introduced the BODYWEATHER philosophy and methodology into Australia in 1989.

Wind + Tree” dates:

Sun 30 June, 4-5:30pm
Sun 7 July, 4-5:30pm
Sun 14 July, 4-5:30pm
Sun 21 July, 4-5:30pm
Sun 28 July, 4-5:30pm

*Each 1,5h long class will be followed by an optional 30-min discussion/sharing of the experience.



$18 AUD per class, or book the full block of five classes for $60 AUD.


*Tickets for either the full block or for individual classes can ONLY be purchased online as we are unable to accept on-site payments by cash. Bookings can only be made by THE PERSON PARTICIPATING who will need to provide their details and agree to Terms & Conditions during the registration process.


Suitable for:

These workshops are open to performers, researchers, somatic practitioners, visual artists, musicians, architects, movement enthusiasts and anyone interested in exploring the body, mind and imagination. The work will be facilitated with precise instructions and attention to detail. Please bring loose comfortable clothing, a yoga mat, water bottle, notebook and pen.

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