Dancing the Drill - Critical Path 15 Years
Jane McKernan

Public Events

Dancing the Drill 2020

Jane McKernan, Jasmin Sheppard, Matthew Doyle, Rhiannon Newton, and Yolande Brown

This year we celebrated the 15th Anniversary of Critical Path with a weekend of activities in our home base, The Drill in Rushcutters Bay in February by Dancing the Drill.

Dancing the Drill convened around activities that were an extension of our ongoing research and development work and presented a way for the public to engage with dance artists and their process. We invited artist to hold open studios, conversations and sharing presentations.

On the 28th and 29th of February, dancer and choreographer Rhiannon Newton shared some of the movement and writing material she is developing as a part of her Critical Path Responsive Research Residency. She talked about processes related to her Long Sentences that focuses on practices for thinking in longer durations and more complex webs of relation. Involving text, memory, touch, scale, one-on-one formats and embodiment, the project reflects on the performative nature of the verb ‘to sentence’ to consider how actions in the present impact larger timescales.

Rhiannon’s text for Long Sentences is now available online. You can read Long Sentences and get more information on Rhiannon’s work on www.rhiannonnewton.com

Dancing the Drill was supported by Woollahra Municipal Council Cultural Grant and Create NSW.


Photos by Melissa Ramos. 

Date & Location

  • Friday 28 February, 12pm - Sunday 1 March, 2020 4pm
  • The Drill

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Critical Path

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