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This year we celebrated the 15th Anniversary of Critical Path with a weekend of activities in our home base, The Drill in Rushcutters Bay in February by Dancing the Drill.

Dancing the Drill convened around activities that were an extension of our ongoing research and development work and presented a way for the public to engage with dance artists and their process. We invited artist to hold open studios, conversations and sharing presentations.

On the 28th of February, First Nations Australian artists Yolande Brown and Jasmin Sheppard had a conversation about their experience as Indigenous artists and how their culture shapes their practice. Through their conversation they shared stories about their work, their Country, their families and communities.

On the 29th of February Indigenous artist Matthew Doyle shared his work re-constructing songs and dances for and with the First Nations community of Sydney, the history of his Muruwari people and family, talked about the physical and spiritual connection to Country. Matthew also explained the different ways of experiencing his practice, identity and language and the importance of Welcome to Country in his culture.

These conversations were recorded during Dancing the Drill, part of Critical Path’s 15th Anniversary celebrations.

To watch and listen to the conversations on arts and culture on Country please click the links below.

Yolande Brown in conversation with Jasmin Sheppard

Claire Hicks in conversation with Matthew Doyle

Dancing the Drill was supported by Woollahra Municipal Council Cultural Grant and Create NSW.

Images by Melissa Ramos.

Date & Location

  • Thursday 7 May - Thursday 31 December, 2020
  • Online

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