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Digital Enchantment Lab

This one-week lab supports dancers and choreographers who leverage digital affordances in their work to more deeply interrogate digital creation and experimentation within a choreographic agenda. It will also extend to discussions of data sovereignty, cultural sensitivity, and the many unique considerations of the digital context. 


Linda DEMENT has worked in arts computing since the late 1980s. Originally a photographer, her digital practice spans the programmed, performative, textual and virtual dealing with bodies and technologies, code and flesh, dramas of the corporeal and programmed non-human activity. 

Artists working in Australia

Leo TSAO (he/him) is a Taiwanese Australian artist working predominantly with film and movement. Through practice as research methodology, his work is experimental and open ended. He often brings together disparate and unlikely disciplines and collaborators through formal explorations to rupture heteronormativity, cisgenderism and whiteness to create new modes of perception and possibilities. 

Wendy YU is an interdisciplinary artist who works at the intersections of dance and urban media art. Utilising dance and computer systems, she designs interactive works and builds large-scale immersive experiences to public spaces. She also elevates forms of dance such as breakdancing, which has typically been segregated to the streets, to the contemporary abstract art landscape. 

Artists working in Taiwan

Kai-yu LIN is an artist and researcher working with the intersection between contemporary dance and physics. She has been researching on intersections between the notions of visualising from atoms to the universe: the scale of the universe and how human perception fit in. She is fascinated by dismantling/transforming the paradigmatic methodology between dance and science and opposes the binary opposition between science and art.

Ming-chieh LEE is an independent choreographer born in 1989 in Taiwan. Her recent artworks are focusing on the phenomenon of “Nomadicity of current generation” that people long for moving and yet search for sense of security in it at the same time. She usually focuses on the dynamic of body, objects and things as the main mediums for her research related to memory and time, and further discusses the flowing performativity of body and space. 

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