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Dr Laura (Amara) Osweiler – Creative development of Weighted in Time

Part of March Dance 2023

Creative development of Weighted in Time. Dr Laura (Amara) Osweiler and collaborator Paul Osborne share Laura’s story of living with Cataplexy (when the body goes into REM stage but the mind is awake), a symptom of Type 1 Narcolepsy (a neurological sleep disorder).


Residency Period:

13 – 16 March 2023

The Drill Hall Critical Path


Choreographer: Dr Laura (Amara) Osweiler

Collaborator: Paul Osborne


March Dance 2023

Kicking off March 1, the March Dance festival includes over 100 artists, 10 companies, 11 organisations and 27 venues coming together from across Sydney to connect and showcase the vibrant and resilient Sydney contemporary dance scene.

March Dance 2023

March Dance is an initiative of Independent Dance Alliance (IDA) produced by Critical Path and Dirty Feet.


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